How to Write a Job Description For Employees of Your Chiropractic Practice

Do you have a written job description for all of your employees? Written job descriptions provide many advantages including:

o Providing a faster way for new employees to get acclimated to their job
o Helping employees better understand what is expected of them
o Providing one sound basis for employee appraisals/performance reviews

When writing a job description, it should be written in such a way that anyone observing a person performing a job can assess how effectively that job is being performed A job description should focus on results. Before writing a description, you should ask this important question- what are the top 3-5 key areas where the employees performance is critical and how can I measure an employee’s performance in each area?

A job description should contain the following key elements:

o Title of position
o Title to whom position reports
o Titles of individuals the title interfaces with
o List of key effectiveness area for the job (where results are expected)
o Specific objectives for each effectiveness area (for example, supervisor is expected to submit all claims by the end of each day, file those claims according to practice filing procedures, and submit those claims to insurance companies with no more than a five percent reject rate)
o Description of key tasks associated with the job. An example of key tasks would include:

– Receive claim forms from the chiropractor on a daily basis
– Review forms for accuracy and completeness
– Code forms with the appropriate procedure code
– Submit codes to insurances companies within twenty four hours of receipt
– Monitor all submittals to make sure they are accepted by insurance companies
– For rejected submittals, investigate the reason for rejection, correct the errors and

resubmit the claims within no more than twenty four business hours

o Date job description was first written
o Date job description was updated
o Date for employee performance review
o Summary of performance review results
o Salary grade
o Last salary increase and percent

If your practice has never developed job descriptions for your staff, following are the recommended steps for developing job descriptions for all staff members:

1. Develop a list of all of the functions performed in your office without initial regard for who in the office does what.
2. If you have a chiropractic billing system, make a list of all functions requiring work on the part of your staff and add that to your master list of functions.
3. Explain to your staff that you are developing job descriptions and outline the benefits of the effort. Benefits you can mention include clearer delineation of responsibilities, more coordinated efforts on the part of the staff, and a providing everyone a clearer understanding of what is expected of them.
4. Ask each employee to develop a list of the key functions they perform.
5. Examine a work flow chart of the work performed in your office. If you have not developed a work flow chart, you might consider it since it provides a way to review the processes in your office examining which processes can be improved.
6. Take your master list of functions developed and assign each function to the appropriate staff member, including that function in their job description.

If you do not have job descriptions for your practice, begin today developing this valuable tool to improve the operations of your practice and to provide employees with a clearer definition of their responsibilities.

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