Top 20 places to find ideas and topics for articles (posts) of your Blog

The Blog is the centre of any content marketing strategy, and digital marketing in general, but, for it to be effective, we must frequently publish fresh, genuine articles that are truly helpful to the reader. But what happens when the ideas to write on are over? Today I present 20 fantastic sites that are authentic inexhaustible sources of ideas and great themes for your Blog.

Searching for new topics for the content of your Blog can be a real headache, especially when you feel that you have already exhausted all your ideas, hasn’t it happened to you?

Keeping the blog fresh and updated with what users expect is not easy; it requires a little ingenuity and constant effort. But, as for everything, there is a solution.I will reveal my 20 secret places, and some not so secret, to discover the most attractive and effective ideas and themes to create articles (posts) in the Blog.But I’m not going to cheat you, keeping a blog, even having fresh ideas every day, requires time and knowledge of digital marketing and copywriting (persuasive writing) . That is why, if you do not have enough time to train previously and write on your Blog frequently, you should consider leaving it to professional hands.

Having a team like ours, which designs and writes original and attractive posts, with new and highly sought after topics on the Internet, the highest quality content, optimized for SEO and that engages your audience, will be what makes the difference between your website and that of your competition, so do not hesitate to contact us and leave it in our hands!But if you decide to launch yourself on this fantastic adventure of publishing and maintaining your Blog, then I will explain some of our best techniques to find ideas that will bring your Blog to life.

First of all; search your brain

Clearly, today there are many effective tools and techniques to get ideas and themes for the Blog, but you can’t put aside your own brain. From him your best ideas can appear! Think wisely! In fact, that’s the first thing you should do: think it through.It is normal to feel frustrated when having to start a new post, but everything changes when we take enough time to organize those vague ideas that are around the mind.

Take the time to capture on a paper or board those unfinished ideas, and even a little daring, that you have for some time, and give them life in your Blog.

Create a mind map or brainstorm to organize the ideas, phrases or words with which you can generate new topics for the Blog.

Then group the ideas or phrases that relate to each other, eliminate those that definitely contribute nothing, and create a theme that is authentic to your business and is of interest to your audience.

Call and share your idea! Ask your friends or colleagues for help and add their ideas to your mind map; surely they can add a plus and another approach to that future theme of your Blog. Of course, only those people who are up to date with your business, who read your Blog or who know a little about the subject.

Blog Comments; check them

There is a popular saying that says “He who listens to advice gets old.” This could not be truer! A good blog editor knows how to listen to the advice and recommendations that the public leaves in the comments of the Blog.

You can start by reviewing the comments of your own Blog and then wander through those most popular Blogs that have to do with your niche. You will discover a great treasure of inspiration!

Check the most recent entries in each Blog and create a list of the most frequently asked questions that people leave. Then, prepare a new post that answers these questions and put the audience in your pocket!


Mailing list; ask your subscribers

The purpose of your Blog is not only to show your brand or product, but to be able to create a place where you can meet your subscribers and where they can find answers to their questions. That’s why Blogs usually have an email list.Take advantage of this list to send them a welcome email where you invite them to continue reading your publications and where you ask them what topics they are interested in and how you could help them.

Asking your subscribers from the email list is more useful than you imagine; although few subscribers respond, you will find great ideas for your blog posts.

From time to time you can use this technique to have an approach to them and let them know that it is important for you to be able to create content that is really useful for them.

With this you will not only have more ideas for your Blog, but I guarantee that you will have pleased subscribers and that they will feel an important part of your business or brand. Two birds with one stone, my friend!

Conduct and publish interviews in your niche

The interviews and summaries can engage much to the public, they create a certain expectation on it and allows you to be a little more dynamic.

By interviewing someone related to your niche you can give your readers the opportunity to express themselves, clarify doubts and leave comments where you can find new topics for the Blog.

These types of techniques are effective when applied naturally and the content is deep, short and easy to understand.Would you dare that your audience is the one that interviewed you? This could also be very interesting for your Blog. Think about it!

Competition; don’t take your eyes off them

Never be arrogant enough to ignore your competition; rather, be astute and stay tuned for what it creates, because there you could find valuable ideas for blog posts.Just a moment! For nothing in the world I am suggesting that you be an option or steal your ideas, rather I talk about you taking them into account and the best ones.

Studying the articles that your main competitors create in their Blogs, and knowing their success, gives you an idea on what topics you can talk to your audience.

Also, it gives you the advantage of being able to improve those ideas. With cunningness you will know how to create more dynamic and useful posts, and that they have within them the subtopics that your competition let out without realizing it.There are several content analysis tools with which you can snoop around a website, BuzzSumo , which I will talk about later in this article, although you can also use Brand Mentions .

Conquer and position your website on top of Google!

Without trap or cardboard; we develop realistic web positioning (SEO) campaigns on Google and other search engines, with our feet on the ground, faithful to the profile of your company and with results that give results.

Squeeze Google’s “relatedsearches” and “autocomplete”

Google is a crack as far as user experience is concerned and, motivated by having its users happier and happier, it has created several tools to facilitate searches, and go if this benefits our Blog!

Thanks to related searches and Google autocomplete, you will be able to know the most frequent searches and the most popular topics related to a niche, topic or keyword.

How? For example, with “Google related searches” you can get an idea of the most popular topics related to a niche, topic or keyword.Go to the Google bar and type what you want; then, you will notice that at the end of the first page of results a series of suggestions appears, from which you can get ideas to start writing new posts in your Blog.

And what about Google Autocomplete! The tool that suggests options before finishing writing a search, also based on the most popular searches of users. Take advantage of it to write ingenious articles based on them.

Take advantage of keyword planners

Without a doubt, by using a Google keyword planner , you will be able to have a complete list of the most popular and searched keywords and phrases on Google; a real treasure full of new themes for future articles in your Blog.

These types of tools are very useful for the SEO of your Web and to create content optimized for Google and other search engines, while marking an appropriate path to search for the perfect keywords.

The most popular and useful keyword planners out there are AnswerthePublic (Reply to the Public), Google Ads Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest and Keyword Revelatory.

‘News jacking’; take advantage of today

News jacking is a very useful technique to generate trafficgain backlinks and visibility, get the attention of new audiences that can become ‘leads’ (people who show interest in your brand and / or product) and to viralize Blog content that increases visits to him.

News jacking is to use your product or brand with a message that relates to a current momentous event and thus capture the attention of the public on a large scale.

This technique consists of using the events or news of the moment to search for ideas for posts, while at the same time it will enhance your visibility and Internet marketing.To use this and the other techniques, you must take the necessary time to investigate the most current news of the moment , and thus select those that may be of interest for the type of product or service you offer.

You can use the Google news section to find out the latest news trends.

Then, you just have to be ingenious and create fresh, original, attractive and fun content to show your brand through that event that everyone talks about and wants to read.

BuzzSumo; a mine of ideas

BuzzSummo is one of the best content analysis tools that exists today; it is simple to use and can give you many ideas to write on your Blog.

This platform has a variety of filters with which you can carry out an investigation that helps you know what the public wants and how to respond to it. It shows you the trending topics, how they develop in each social network and the most used keywords for each topic.

Quora; thousands of questions and answers at a click

Quora is a large community or social platform saturated with questions and answers where you can find ideas for blog posts of almost anything you can think of

Quora is a very useful tool to find inspiration and ideas for articles that make life easier for your target audience.

It is an ideal place for when the inspiration seems to have vanished and, the best thing is that it is very useful to understand the type of vocabulary that the user uses, what their most common questions are, what worries them and how to solve their questions.

Quora has a very well organized site; you can choose the topic or question that interests you, research popular titles, keywords, trends, etc.

Stroll through the groups on social networks

The groups on social networking sites are very useful to find new ideas for blogging; Apart from that there are lights on what people want to read, you can better define those possible topics that we are not sure to incorporate into our Blog.

How to take advantage of social networks?

  • Choose the social network of your choice: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.,
  • Select the groups in which your target audience comes to life,
  • Search for key words or phrases related to your brand or product,
  • Analyze the conversations, comments, questions and answers associated with these key words or phrases.

Now, you can convert this information into new ideas and themes for your Blog, simple, right?

LinkedIn; follow article influencers

For those who know how to take advantage of this resource, LinkedIn is a very valuable platform to find ideas for the Blog and share its content; while allowing you to generate traffic to your Blog and build a strong Internet presence.

LinkedIn has launched LinkedIn Pulse from where you can find all the topics of global interest of the moment.

You can be inspired by articles published by a LinkedIn Pulse influencer, or from there create shared resources and / or comments about your niche that manages to persuade your target audience towards your Blog.

All topics of global interest of the moment can be found on LinkedIn Pulse, so you will have no problem getting current, original and interesting ideas that you can write on the Blog.

EBooks about your niche

You may think that I have gone crazy, but it is not so; reading a book suits us all and more if you have been awful for a while to find good ideas for your Blog.

Find an eBook about your niche and educate yourself a little; Write down those ideas that you find interesting and that you can join to create a new post on your Blog.

I assure you that this will not only be very nutritious for your intellect, but will provide ‘ that something else’ that your readers have been waiting for some time.

Magazines in your sector; detect new trends

  • Magazines are very useful for keeping us up to date on trends in a particular niche, so they are a useful tool for getting ideas on what to write.
  • Subscribe to several magazines about your nicheand take a look at the most popular topics that comment on them to give you a new direction to your Blog and create modern and ingenious posts.
  • If you prefer, you can buy the magazines in physics or borrow them from a library in your area.

YouTube; not only videos of kittens

YouTube  does not need presentation; Millions and millions of people use this platform daily.

Apart from having hundreds of videos of kittens, you should take a look through this platform to find out which topics are the most sought after in your sector.

Find out what people are talking about and start writing on your Blog, there are many ideas that you will surely find on YouTube! This is an excellent tool to understand the user’s search intention.


And Wikipedia?

Yes, of course you can use Wikipedia ! Many miss the information within this global encyclopaedia, but from there you can get many ideas to create blog posts.

You just have to search for a phrase or word and see the variety of terms that are associated with your search. Choose those that you think are convenient to write, and start feeding your Blog.

EBay; ideas to present your products

EBay is one of the most popular Marketplace there is, so you can’t ignore it.

There you can find ideas that provide solutions to the public about certain products, so it is very useful to find ideas about product descriptions , comparisons , opinion pieces or summaries that serve as a reference to users when buying; Of course, as long as they relate to your niche.

Forums detect common doubts of your audience

The forums are ideal places to find ideas for your Blog, because there people come to find solutionsanswer questions, solve concerns and get direction on a topic, product or issue.

If you dedicate time to wander through the forums, you will soon have regained the inspiration you so long for.

Look for ideas of Udemy courses

Udemy is a platform that has become very popular for offering clear and simple information; there are online courses, answers to questions, presentations, PDFs, videos, among other resources, which aim to solve the multiple demands of the public.

Detect popular courses in Udemy, related to your niche, to write in your Blog didactic posts, thanks to your training and experience, you will fall in love with your audience!

What relationship does this have with your Blog? That you can choose popular Udemy themes to create useful posts on your Blog. And people won’t have to pay anything to access them! With this your audience will find the answers sought and you will get new ideas to write.

Modify your old content

You don’t have to get rid of your old posts; at least not completely.

Surely today you handle information that you did not have before and that may be useful to modernize those old blog posts, so you can get to work on it! Especially if you still don’t find new topics to write.

If you are able to combine old and new information, you will get attractive articles for the audience and that attract a lot of traffic to your website.

Be different!

Do the opposite of what others do; that is, when writing a new post, nothing against the current.

It is not about writing things that are not popular, but about writing them differently, making them more attractive and with an innovative touch.

It is not the same to read: “Techniques for positioning a website” than “I teach you how to position your website with this step by step”. Which of the two titles do you find most interesting? Without a doubt, the second is a little more intimate and natural; it seems more attractive and persuasive.

Give a touch of genuineness to your Blog and you will notice how you start to generate more ideas.

Become Visible! Start climbing positions on Google!

Do you want your potential customers to find you, before your competition, when they search for your products or services on Google or other Internet search engines?

Conclusion: research is key to finding ideas and topics for your Blog

Using the aforementioned tools is very simple, but it will depend on the time you spend investigating trends, finding topics, reading articles that talk about your niche and snooping around your competition a bit. But I assure you it is worth it!

If you have understood that your Blog is a fundamental part of your company’s marketing, then you will take advantage of each technique that I have proposed and you will find ideas and themes for articles (posts) in your Blog.

Constantly researching all the information related to your niche will make the difference between your competitors and your business, so take out the Sherlock Holmes that is in you and saturate your Blog with unique posts, which catch your audience and provide them with answers.

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