Fosse took on in the summer of 1973

‘Slavishly recreated from old photographs’: a penthouse in Manhattan in Fosse/Verdon. Photograph: Craig Blankenhorn/BBC/FX

Recently I’ve been watching Fosse/Verdon, InteriordesigncompaniesinDubai about the entwined lives of the choreographer-director and performer-choreographer in 1960s and 1970s New York. Their shared apartment, a penthouse in Manhattan at 91 Central Park West, with a terrace large enough for a vegetable garden and a dog run, was slavishly recreated by the designer Alex DiGerlando from old photographs. This was a world of Tiffany lamps and thick-pile upholstery, ashtrays on stands and dark greens and aubergines: like their lives, seductive more than healthy. The kitchen, a small room for such a huge property, had a chequer-board tiled floor. “I’d never have thought of putting crushed orange velvet on the walls,” he said in an interview.

No imagery existed of the Southampton beach house that Fosse took on in the summer of 1973 – a statement of change and an outward show of success, along with a much younger lover, following his spell in a psychiatric hospital. The team designed it from imagination – its concertina’d glazed facade suggesting a thoroughly contemporary footloose life that even New York couldn’t provide. Friends of Fosse have since said this fictional space is just as they remembered it, perhaps unsurprising as they were rarely one step from another sip of wine. And if you want to get this look, those Marcel Breuer Cesca chairs around the dining table are very much for real.

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