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I have some questions for you! Well, okay, a bunch! Hear me out: When is the last time you had your blinds cleaned? Is this something you even think of doing? We think about this all the time, so much so, that we started a mobile blind cleaning service 23 years ago!

Is House cleaning services dubai your blinds and drapes a chore you don’t really want to do…not exactly on the top of your to-do list? We do this every day and it IS on the top of OUR to-do list! 

Do you even have TIME to clean your blinds? Are you going to deep-clean the cords and head rail? Does your housekeeping service deep, green clean your shades, curtains, upholstery, mattresses and pillows? This is where bed bugs and dust mites THRIVE, you know. 

Do me a favor, go take a good look at the head rail (top hardware) of your blinds, drapes and shades…. I’ll give you a few minutes, seriously, go check…does it appear that the head rail has an icky layer of fur growing on top of it? I know, gross, right? What about the stuff you can’t even SEE? Dust mites are microscopic and they are a main cause of the allergens throughout your entire home that can make your family miserable with asthma, sneezing, coughing, and allergies. 

What about pet or smoke odors? Stains? We’ve seen it ALL. Wouldn’t you like to have us TAKE CARE OF THAT FOR YOU? We are a Hunter Douglas recommended Certified Fabric are Technician and use Eco-Solutions, Green Earth Solutions and other special formulas for removing specific stains. The Green Earth solutions leave NO ODOR, you’d never know we were there to clean, but I can guarantee you that you WILL NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE MADE IN THE WAY THE WHOLE ROOM FEELS WHEN WE’VE CLEANED YOUR BLINDS AND UPHOLSTERED FURNISHINGS.

Don’t you want CLEANEST home on the block and HEALTHY air to breathe? 

You and your family deserve the very best, being family owned and operated with integrity and pride since 1995, we know you only hire top-notch licensed contractors, TOTALLY KNOWLEDGABLE about their trade.

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