Hallowed Be Thy Islam Center

Islamic Center of Reseda

In a bit underneath a 12 months, this kingdom will commemorate the 10th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City. The commemoration of the passing of nine years turned into marred with the aid of ugly debate over the suggestion to construct an Islamic middle just blocks from the vicinity now known as “Ground Zero”.

Those towards the NY Islamic Center hold the building is “hallowed floor”, those in prefer, say there may be little hallowed about the block in query that hosts many businesses (among different things, a strip membership) in a packed and overcrowded metropolis. A former fire department reliable is quoted as announcing that the human beings in the strip club did now not attack the Twin Towers. This observation appeals to the unconsidered feelings of the tragedy, however effectively ignores the fact that it was Al-Qaida that perpetrated the assaults – no longer Muslims per se. How many KKK individuals would burn and kill on Saturday, yet turn up for church on Sunday? Was this another instance of “Manifest Destiny”?

It appears that there may be no authoritative list of Muslims that could have died on that tragic day, but studies suggests that at least 30 innocent Muslims perished in the incidents – both of United States and remote places foundation – do they not deserve some commemoration? It is likewise almost positive that each one primary international religions suffered losses inside the activities of that terrible day. In addition, it appears that evidently little recognition is fabricated from the fact that the Muslims and different faiths were represented a few of the first responders to the assaults. The regarded victims of the attack represented at the least 26 international locations.

It appears to me that New Yorkers and the residents of america have overlooked a massive possibility to demonstrate to the arena at huge that they recognize and recognize the distinction between Al Qaida and other non secular zeal and extremism, from true spiritual ideals.

If the Islamic Center were welcomed with open arms and warmth, what a distinctly tremendous message could have long past out to the real followers of Islam who want nothing greater than to attend to their households and practice their faith in peace.

As a final remark, the original Pilgrim Fathers came to this land so they may practice their faith in the manner that they wanted. It is a fallacy to suggest that those settlers tolerated every other shape of religion than their very own (ask the witches of Salem). It is the US Constitution that ensures the people of this country freedom to practice their religion of desire. Selective interpretation of this revered report is simply complete.

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