Why Use Silk Wedding Flowers?

There are many reasons why silk flowers make a better choice over fresh flowers for a wedding. First, if anyone in the wedding party has allergies it can be very uncomfortable to be around fresh flowers hoa mung sinh nhat. The itchy eyes, runny nose and sneezing throughout the ceremony can be avoided if silks are used instead.

Silk flowers offer a variety all year long. If you choose silks you are not limited to the choosing only what is in season. If your favorite flower is not in season on available for your wedding, you can go with silks have spring blossoms in January!

The best thing about using silks in your bouquets and for the wedding party is that the flowers can be made up well in advance. There is no spoilage. The petals don’t turn, nothing wilts and if you choose the highest quality of silks available, no one can tell the difference.

Speaking of quality in silk flowers, the industry is really outdoing itself today. There are flowers that feel and look better than the real thing! The colors, quality and construction are far more superior than ever before. Now don’t confuse the craft and hobby store quality for what I am speaking of. Only a qualified, professional florist can obtain the highest quality of flowers through wholesale sources. Many sources and vendors can be used to complete your order.

If you are choosing to have a destination wedding out of town or on a cruise ship, it isn’t easy to make arrangements with a florist long distance. Sometimes in remote areas, florist shops are not always available and you don’t know the reputation or quality of work. With silk bouquets made in advance, they can be shipped ahead and can be waiting for you or you may choose to pack them with you and carry then to your destination.

Have you ever thought that your bouquet could be passed down as an heirloom to your daughter? What if you decide to renew your vows? The bouquet can be used again. When the budget is of utmost concern, girlfriends or sisters can share the bouquets and share the costs. At the very least, the bouquet can sit on a shelf in a vase next to the wedding photos and be a lasting reminder of your day. A considerate bride will sent her bouquet after the wedding to a loved one, an aunt, grandparent, etc. that couldn’t travel to the wedding as a keepsake and a gesture of love so they would feel connected.

Silk flowers aren’t necessarily less in cost than fresh flowers. In some cases, silks can be more expensive. But the longevity of the flowers, the ability to travel, store and ship these flowers and not have to worry about the condition of them is worth every penny. Some artificial flowers aren’t always silk but are made of latex instead such as calla lilies and orchids. This helps to create a more realistic appearance and feel.

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