Aging-in-Place Modifications Featured in Museum Display

A new exhibit at Washington’s National Building Museum celebrates the flexibility of modern home design and features the role of the Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) in demonstrating how thoughtful, adjustable and beautiful design solutions can help home owners live safely in their own homes basement remodeling marietta ga.

Housing for a Changing America centers on The Open House — a flexible, 1,000-square-foot home designed for the exhibition by architect Pierluigi Colombo. The movable walls and multi-functional furniture allow the space to encompass a variety of today’s diverse households.

Until next February, the exhibition space will be displayed as a home shared by three roommates. Next, the walls will be reconfigured to showcase a multi-generational home and how the space can accommodate that family’s different needs and uses.

In spring 2018, the space will change again to reflect the home of empty nesters, and design for fluctuating ages and capabilities will be illustrated though home modifications that are part of the NAHB CAPS curriculum.

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